The Lover Proved False

As I walked out one May morning,
When the small birds sang so sweet,
I leaned myself against an old oak tree
To see two lovers meet.
To see two lovers meet my dear,
And to hear what they would say.
That I might learn a little of their mind,
Before I went away.

Come in, come in, my own true love,
And sit awhile by me,
For it's been three quarters of a year or more
Since together we have been."
"Oh, I can't come in and I won't sit down
For I've not one moment of time,
And your hand it is engaged to another fair maid
And your heart is none of mine.

"Now when your heart was mine, my love,
And your head upon my breast
You could make me believe by the stories you told
That the sun it rose in the west.
Oh, I never will believe a young man again,
Let his eyes be black or brown,
Excepting he was up on yonder gallows tree
And my faith could bring him down."

Lover Proved False, The-1