Young Matt Ilan

Young Matt Ilan

One night he discussed his lady fair
All in her silent, lonely chamber.
Saying, “Matt Ilan I’ll transport:
I fear my child she stands in danger.”
His daughter she in ambush lay;
Oppressed with grief, she went off smiling,
Saying, “My father I’ll deceive,
I will protect my young Matt Ilan.”
Then to his room straightway she went
Desiring him for to awaken,
Saying, “Rise, my love, and go your way
Or else I fear you will be taken.
This night I heard my father say
In spite of fate he would transport you.
So, go your way before it is day,
You know, my love, that I do adore you.”
She sat her down on his bedside
For about the space of half an hour,
And every word her true love spoke
The tears down from her eyes did pour.
Her arms about his neck she threw,
His arms about her waist he twined them.
“No lord nor earl will e’er I wed,
My heart will go with you, Matt Ilan.”

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“And must I go away?” he said,
“Just like some poor, forlorn ranger,
And leave my service in distress,
And must I go without my wages?”
“Oh, here are fifty pounds,” she says,
“’Tis more than all my father owed you,
So now away before it is day,
And I wish, my love, I had gone before you.”

Then after that came many a lord,
And many an earl to court this lady.
‘Twas all in vain, it was all no use;
No lord nor earl could gain her favor.
Her father asked the reason why,
At which his daughter plainly told him
“No lord nor earl will e’er I wed.
My heart has gone with young Matt Ilan.”

Oh, then up speaks her father dear,
Saying, “I did not know how dear you loved him.
Now, I will bring young Ilan home,
Since none there are you adore above him.”
A letter then she wrote straightway,
Her heart to him it was inclining.
So, to church away without delay,
And she made a lord of young Matt Ilan.