There She Stands a Lovely Creature

There she stands a lovely creature
Who she is I do not know.
I will court her for her beauty.
She can only answer, "No."

Madam, I have gold and silver.
Madam, I have houses and land.
Madam, I have ships on the ocean.
All will be at your command.

What care I for gold and silver?
What care I for houses and land?
What care I for ships on the ocean?
All I want is a handsome man.

Handsome man is out of the question.
Handsome man you cannot find.
Handsome man is out of the question.
Cannot be at your command.

Madam, do not stand on beauty;
Youth and beauty fade away.
Like a rose that blooms in the morning,
And in evening dies away.

There She Stands A Lovely Creature-1