The Quaker’s Wooing

This is a song Carrie's mother, Eliza, learned as a young girl.

Madam, I have come a-courting.
Oh deary me.
All for love and not for sporting.
Oh, deary me.
You begone, you silly Quaker,
High fol-la-link-tum-tiddy aye,
If you want a wife shy go and take her
High filla-link-tum-tiddy aye.
I have a ring worth forty shilling.
Oh, dearie me!
You can have it if you are willing.
Oh, dearie me!
I want neither your ring nor money.
High filla-link_tum-tiddy aye
I want a man who will me "honey"
High filla-link-tum-tiddy aye.

Quaker's Wooing, The-1