The False Lover

Our captain says, "Away all hands tomorrow,"
Leaving you girls behind in said grief and sorrow.
Dry up those briny tears and don't be a-weeping,
For so happy we will be, my love, at our next meeting.

She threw her arms abroad like one a-dying
With the wringing of her hands, and a-crying and sighing.
"What makes you roam abroad among hard-hearted strangers?
Oh, stay at home with me, my love, and be free from dangers.

"When I had gold in store, you seemed to like me,
But now I am growing poor, you seem for to slight me.
Your courted me awhile just for to deceive me
And now my tender heart you have won you are going for to leave me.

"There is no believing men, no, not your own brother.
There is no believing men, no, not your true lover.
You favor they will gain, then turn to some other
So, young girls, when you love be sure to love one another.

"Oh, fare you well, father, and fare you well, mother,
For I am your daughter dear and you have no other.
For to weep it is all in vain, for I am a-going
To the lad that I so dearly love, the one who has proved my ruin."

False Lover, The-1