The Braes of Balquither

The Braes of Balquither

Will you go, lassie, go to the braies of Balquither,
Where the high mountains row 'mid the bonnie blooming heather,
Where the roe and the deer they go bounding on together,
Spend the long summer day near the braes of Balquither?

Oh no, oh no, kind sir, I’m too young to be a lover,
For my age is scarce sixteen and I dare not for my mother
And besides being too young, I’m afraid you’re some deceiver Who has come to charm me here to the braes of Balquither.

Then fare you well, proud maid, for your beauty soon will alter, I’ll deprive you of this chance and live happy with some other.
I will roam this wide world till I find a maid of honor Who will go along with me to the braes of Balquither.

Oh, come back, oh come back, for I think you no deceiver. Oh, come back, oh come back, and I’ll never love another.
I will leave all my friends, father, mother, sister, brother, And I’ll go along with you to the braes of Balquither.

Oh, now they have gone to the bonnie highland mountains
For to view the green fields and likewise the silvery fountains,
Oh, now they are united and live in peace together;
Spend their long summer days near the braes of Balquither.

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