The Bloody Miller

Come all young men and maidens, to you I will relate
Come lend an ear and you shall hear Concerning my sad fate.
My tender parents brought me up
And provided for me well,
And near the town of Oxford, they placed me in a mill

‘Twas there I espied a fair young maid, She cast a winning eye;

I told her I would marry her If she’d with me comply.

I courted her about six months I mean to let you know,

‘Twas folly brought me to this snare Which has proved my over-throw.

Her mother came to me one day As you may understand;

Begging of me to appoint a day And marry her out of hand. Being perplexed on every side

No comfort could I find, And for to take her life away

My wicked heart inclined.

It being one month before Christmas, Oh, cursed be that day;

The devil put it in my head To take her life away.

I went unto her sister’s house About eight o’clock at night,

And she, poor thing, but little knew I owed her any spite.