Girl I Left Behind

My parents reared me tenderly. They had no child but me.
But I being fond of roving with them did not agree.
Then I became a rover soon which grieved their hearts full sore.
I left my aged parents never to see them more.

There was a wealthy gentleman resided in that part
He had an only daughter and I had won her heart,
And she was noble-minded, too, tall, beautiful and fair,
Columbia's fairest daughter, few with her could compare.

I asked my love if she'd consent for me to cross the main,
And if she would prove constant till I returned again.
Great drop of tears stood in her eyes, her bosom heaved a sigh,
"Dear lad," said she, "fear not for me; my love can never die."

This maid she said, "I have heard or dreamed of what I can't believe
That absence breaks the link of love and leaves a maid to grieve."
I gently pressed on her cheek a kiss saying, "Love, have no fear,"
And swore by Him above the skies that I would prove sincere.

According to agreement I went on board a ship
And to the town of Glasco first I made a pleasant trip.
I found that gold was plenty there and the maids were somewhat kind
And my love bean for to cool a bit for the girl I left behind.

To Dolfus town I then set out to that hospitable land
Where little Jennie Ferguson first took me by that hand.
She says, "I've money, plenty and in love with you I find."
And the though of gold destroyed my love for the girl I left behind.

She said, "If you will marry me and say no more you'll rove
The gold I have shall all be yours, and I will constant prove.
But parents dear and other friends that you have left behind
It's never more, if you marry me, must ever bear in mind."

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