Farewell to Nancy

I've travelled this country both early and late.
I've travelled this country when hard was my fate
Fell in love with a pretty fair maid, but she does me disdain.
Oft times she has slighted me, but I'll try her again.

"Oh, your parents are rich, love, and you hard to please,
I would have you take pity on your heart-broken slave.
I would have you leave yourfather and your mother also,
And through this wide world with your darling boy go."

"Oh, Johnnie, dear Johnnie, such advice will not do,
For leave my own country and to go along with you.
My friends and old sweethearts they would mourn my sad fate,
If I'd leave my own country to go follow a rake."

Now my love she won't have me, and away I must go
To the wide spreading ocean where the salt breeze does blow
To seek a companion it is all my design,
"are you well, dearest Nancy, must I leave you behind?

"Fare you well, dearest Nancy, and merry may you be.
I will always think of you wherever you be,
Burt since you've proved unloyal to the one that's so true,
May the wide spreading ocean separate I and you."

Farewell to Nancy-1