Dark Eyed Sailor

'Tis of a lady both young and fair,
As she walked out for to take the air
She met a sailor on her way.
So, I paid attention. So, I paid attention.
To hear what they would say.

He says, "Fair maiden, why roam alone;
The day is passed and the night coming on."
She said, while tears from her eyes did flow,
"'Tis my dark eyed sailor,
'Tis my dark eyed sailor
Who has proved my overthrow.

Said William, "Drive him out of your mind;Z
As good a sailor as him you'll find.z

Love turns aside, and cold does grow
Like a winter's morning,
Like a winter's morning
Inclined to frost and snow."

These words did Phoebe's heart inflame,
She says, "With me you will play no game."
She drew a dagger and thus did cry,
"For my dark eyed sailor,
For my dark eyed sailor
A maid I'll live and die."

"Oh, his coal-black eyes and his curling hair,
His prattling tongue did my heart ensnare.
Unlike he was no rake like you
To advise a maiden,
To advise a maiden
To slight his jacket blue."

When William did the ring unfold
She seemed distracted twixt joy and woe,
Saying, "Welcome, William, I've land and gold
For my dark eyed sailor,
For my dark eyed sailor
So manly, true and bold."

In a cottage down by the river side
In unity they now reside
So, girls, be true while your love's away.
For a cloudy morning,
For a cloudy morning
Oft brings a pleasant day.

Dark Eyed Sailor, The-1
Dark Eyed Sailor, The-2