Basket of Oysters

The Basket of Oysters

As I was a-walking down Manchester Street,
A pretty little oyster girl I chanced for to meet;
And into her basket I nimbly did peep,
To see if she had any oysters.

“O Oysters, O Oysters, O Oysters,” said she,
“If you want any oysters, come and buy them of me,
A penny for three is all I will ask thee.” So, I bargained for a basket of oysters.


I have been unable to get the words of this song as my father sang it. Even the story is different. As father sang it, after he got his basket of oysters he suddenly decided, “I will have both bread and butter with my oysters.” Having no small change, he handed the girl a five-dollar bill with instructions to have the bill changed and bring him the bread and butter. The song ended with these words:

“Then out of the window so nimbly she flew, And she left me with her basket of oysters.”

Basket of Oysters, The