Adieu, Proud-Hearted Girl

Adieu, proud hearted girl, adieu, all pleasant times are over.
I have seen the time I'd have wed with you
and have proved your constant lover.
But since you've been so free in telling me that you've no mind to marry
I will be just as free in telling thee that I've no time to tarry.
Your parents they have used great means, but fortune may betray them
To get a better match for you, but fortune may waylay them.
You thought to prove my overthrow, but I’ll not mourn forever,
But since fortune has failed I will set my sail, and I’ll bid you adieu forever.
I prize my health as my greatest wealth. As long as my pocket will jingle
I am never afraid of coming to want, let me live married or single.
I own I’m of a low estate, but that will never grieve me,
For I’m naturally blest with a jovial heart and a little will relieve me.
Adieu, proud-hearted girl, adieu; joys of this world go with you.
I will come no more within your door to tell you that I love you.
Here’s adieu to all such girls as you; of marrying I’ve no notion
Since Cupid with his wedded notes lies buried in the ocean.

Note: This is a song sung in my grandfather’s family.

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