A Lover’s Lament

A Lover's Lament

I once did court a damsel most beautiful and bright.
I courted her for love and her love I did obtain.
She vowed that she did love me and constant would remain.

Oh, then we did plan that together we would go,
But when her old father these tidings came to know
He shut her up so tight and he kept her so severe
That I never once after caught sight of my dear.

Oh, then to the wars, to the wars I did go
To see if I could forget my true love or no.
Three years I served my king, then homeward did steer.
My heart was filled with longing for a sight of my dear.

Oh, when I returned, to her father I did go
To see if my true love had forgot me or no.
He met me at the door and he made me this reply,
“My daughter loved you dearly and for your sake she died.”

Oh, then I sank down like one that was slain,
Saying, “I’ll never, no I’ll never see my true love again.”
Crying, “Oh dear! oh dear! this grief I can not bear;
My true love’s in her grave and I wish I was there.”

A Lovers Lament