Podcast Episode Two

The second podcast takes us to Windsor, Nova Scotia in the early 1800s where Grover’s great grandparents lived during the years of great expansion and growth in the Canadian province. Carrie sings Captain Kidd and Sheffield Apprentice; Steve Amsden provides his version of What News from Ireland, Brave Mouse? and Anson Grover, Carrie’s great grandson, tells the accompanying family story to the song that landed his great great great grandfather in a heap of trouble.  Randal Bays plays Till it is Clear Day on fiddle.  I sing Silvery Tide (the version found in A Heritage of Songs) with Steve Amsden on guitar.  Wally Bell reads an archived newspaper article; and Michael O’Mara reads about the Anapolis Highway, words provided by historian John Wilson.  History of the roads comes from Joan Dawson’s book, Nova Scotia’s Lost Highways: The early roads that shaped the province.