Podcast Episode Six

This final podcast covers a lot of ground beginning in 1892 when Carrie and her family relocate from Nova Scotia to Newry, Maine. Over the next few decades she’s immersed in family life, and with the passing of her parents a dedication to recalling all the songs she’d ever heard her parents sing takes root. The 1940s peak for her as she’s recorded by prominent song collectors, regional folk festivals invite her to speak and sing, and she strives to secure the preservation of her family’s music through the assistance of Gould Academy. Disappointment and frustration follow as publication of her songbook fails to materialize. Nevertheless she is remains unsinkable in her determination to continue her work, and speaks through her letters of the immense joy she’s found in gathering her family songs and recalling childhood memories at Sunken Lake. Recorded at Green Frog Productions and Cloud Studio.