Podcast Episode Four

This podcast draws upon Carrie Grover’s earliest memories in rural Nova Scotia during the late 1880s. Through her detailed remembrances we come to know her immediate family and the details of their daily life. Present throughout her recounting is the music–their traditional folksongs, ballads and fiddle tunes. The following musicians recorded fresh song versions from Grover’s collection: Kate MacLeod sings two songs: “Dark Eyed Sailor” and “Mary’s Dream”; Niamh Parsons sings “Croppy Boy”; Nora Rodes sings “Lass Amang the Heather”; and Julie Mainstone Savas sings “James and Florence”. Carrie Grover sings a song she learned from her mother entitled “Bold Fisherman”; and a poem written by Carrie’s sister, Bertha, is read by Bertha’s granddaughter, Marie York.