Podcast Episode Five

The fifth podcast focuses entirely on Carrie’s memories of her childhood at Sunken Lake where Carrie was raised and spent the first twelve years of her life. Included are stories of song singing with her family at home, and with neighbors and friends when they gathered in one another’s homes for a meal followed by music and dancing.  We hear tales of sibling pranks and the fun they had together, and of her parents, George and Eliza Spinney. Carrie gives detailed accounts of how they made soap and summer hats, how they dyed their wool, and the long hours her mother spent knitting at the hearth. Fiddler Randy Miller plays tunes from Carrie’s collected fiddle tunes, Lisa Null sings Bonny Light Horseman and Remember the Poor, Sara Gray sings Molly Varne, I sing Consolation to Victoria Davies piano accompaniment, and So I Let Him/Her Go, and Carrie’s sister’s grand-daughter, Marie York, recites a poem written by her grandmother.