Mother Songs

from A Heritage of Folk Songs

George Riley

Carrie Grover Project · Carrie Grover – George Riley When I arrived in the county Antrim To view the banks fo the sweet harmony, I espied a damsel so fair and handsome you would really have thought she was the queen of May/ I stepped up to her, I did…

Girl I Left Behind

My parents reared me tenderly. They had no child but me. But I being fond of roving with them did not agree. Then I became a rover soon which grieved their hearts full sore. I left my aged parents never to see them more. There was a wealthy gentleman resided…

Gosport Tragedy

Green Grows the Laurel

Carrie Grover Project · Carrie Grover – Green Grows The Laurel

Her Father’s Gray Mare

Jack Williams

James Magee

Janie on the Moor

Jolly Ploughboy

July Fair at Garbo